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Online Catalog & Monument Designer
Online Monument Designer
Online Monument Designer

Century offers an Online Catalog and Monument Designer exclusively for sales counselors that makes it possible to browse monument catalogs or design their own monuments. This service is free but it requires a password to access it. 

The Online Monument Designer lets you choose from more than 100 monument shapes and more than 200 carvings.  When you've finished designing and lettering your monument, you may view it in five different colors of granite and email it to yourself, your customers or your Century sales person who can help you with processing your order.  Creating drawings for your customer's immediate approval saves time in your office, and the automatically generated design summary makes it easier and faster for Centiry's staff to process your drawings. You will still receive a drawing for approval next day, but this will be just to confirm size, spelling, dates, and design. You will already have the order!

Please call your sales representative for help in making this work for you. Our real objective is to enable you to close a sale while the customer is still in your office. This would be a dramatic improvement over getting a drawing next day and then going back to the customer to close the sale. Of course this won't work for all prospects. Those wanting special shapes, carvings, and lettering not offered in this program will still get help from Century's sales personnel and drafting department. Remember this important fact: If we make drawings but you do not close the sale, You pay nothing! Other companies charge as much as $50 for a drawing made for a memorial not sold! You Tube LogoClick here to watch how easy it is on YouTube!  Part 2 
here to visit the login page and enter your User Name and Password.  If you do not have a User Name and Password, please contact the Century sales person who covers your area.  You can find your sales person at Our Team .

In addition to hundreds of blank monument shapes and carvings, you can also choose from our preformatted A Closer Walk, Precious Memories and Ties That Bind series.  With these designs, all you have to do is add names and dates to create a classic monument in minutes.

Precious Memories for Online Catalog  

You Tube LogoClick here to watch how easy it is on YouTube! Part 2 
No CAD experience is required, and the Online Monument Designer is completely web based.  You won't have to install any special software, but you will need a user name and password.  Contact your Century sales person today, so you can browse designs and design your own online.

Online Monument Catalog

Design Mart Online Catalog
Many visitors to our Online Catalog & Monument Designer have made more and better sales by building their own monuments, but many visitors feel they simply don't have the creativity or time to design their own.  For those who would like a selection of classic monuments to choose from, the Online Catalog features THOUSANDS of designs in approximately 30 catalogs.  The Online Catalog may be searched by catalog title, family name, carving (for example: rose, lily or cross), design number or monument style, Once you have identified a monument design, simply email or call your Century sales person with the design identification number, lettering, and proposed size.  You'll get a quotation quickly, and your order will process faster when working with designs from our Online Catalog. If you are not sure about the size, tell your sales person the length and width of the largest base that can go on the spaces owned by your customer. Using this and your selected design, Century can figure out the rest of the sizes.

Click here to visit the login page and enter your User Name and Password.  If you do not have a User Name and Password, please contact the Century sales person who covers your area.  You can find your sales person at Our Team .

You Tube LogoClick here to watch how easy it is on YouTube!
What if you don't have access to a laptop or desktop computer when making sales?  Answer:   Monument Sales Books and Brochures
In addition to our monument catalogs and fliers (shown below) Century offers the popular DMart monument catalogs and brochures.  You may order these sales materials from your Century Harmony Sales Representative.

Monument Terminology
It's always good to know monument terminology.  Not only does this help you become more capable of helping your customers, but it also helps you place your orders more efficiently.  This will lead to fewer problems with orders, quicker turnaround times, and, most of all, more meaningful and symbolic monuments for your customers.
Legacies in Stone is a comprehensive book that many of our new customers use.  It may be ordered directly from our printer, Design Mart, or you may read it online by using our
Online Catalog and Monument Designer.
Monument Dictionary PDF document provides some basic terminology, and our Monument Glossary PDF document provides terminology and helpful illustrations.

Century Harmony Order Form
For most of our customers, the first step in selling a memorial is to order a drawing. Century Harmony offers several options for order forms.  We have the standard order form that you can find in the back of your product manual, and several digital order forms that are available below.  You can fax, e-mail or mail in any of these forms. Some customers have their own form and we are happy to accept these with the necessary information.  We highly recommend that you use one of the Century forms because they are designed to collect as much information as possible to produce a quality rendering in the least amount of time.

OrderForms:  Click here to download our standard order form.  If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser, click here to download our interactive order form.


Brochures & Product Literature



"Creating Memorials" Enduring Granite Monuments Catalog

  Bench Brochure Domestic
  Bench Brochure Import
  Robertson Bench Brochure
  Veterans Bench Brochure
  Cremation Bench And Urn
Bronze Selection
  Bronze Brochure

Centurion Newsletter

Vol. 8 Issue 3

Vol. 8 Issue4

  Edition 1
  Edition 2
  Edition 3
  Edition 4 

  Columbarium Sheet
   Cremation Monument Brochure
   DNA Monument Brochure
Granite Colors
   Granite 'Swatch' Brochure
   Crypt Sheet

Price Book & Interactive Pricing CD...

Price Book & CD

Etching Catalog Request


Please email your Century Harmony Representative or Louis Tyler at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request the Century Harmony Price Book or Laser Etching Design Catalog. 

  Sculpture Sheet
  Urn Brochure
  Vase Sheet    Aluminum Vase Sheet

Veterans Monuments
  Veterans Bench Utilizing the VA 24 x 12 Bronze  
  Veterans Bench With Carved Lettering