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Delivery is one of the most important aspects of memorial sales. Granite is very strong, but it is also brittle, making edges easily damaged. It is also very heavy. You need to know the cost of delivery, when it will be delivered, and how it will be unloaded. Most carriers have a minimum delivery charge for at least 2,000 lb. Century's minimum charge is only 1,000 lb. 

When will it be delivered is the hardest question to answer, because most trucking companies are "irregular common carriers". That is, they do not send trucks out until they have a full load. Century is different. 

Century Transport LLC is Century's wholly owned trucking company. Trucks are scheduled regularly to each delivery territory to give the best possible service to customers.

How will it be unloaded is vitally important to all memorialists. All of Century's trailers are crane equipped and most orders can be unloaded by experienced drivers without interrupting your schedule. Century is normally responsible for delivery until it is safely unloaded.

You can contact your sales or customer service person and request updates on shipping so that you'll be ready for the arrival of your order. They will fax or email you a list of your orders on a truck each time they are due to be delivered.

In areas of the country not serviced by Century Transport LLC, your Sales and Customer Service personnel will ship by the carrier specified by the Customer, or determine the best carrier based on delivery time and freight rate.


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